With another Fat Bike joining the club in the next few days......

And another member asking for my help choosing which they need here's my quick guide to help any one who's "Fat Curious"

1st off, you need to ask yourself what sort of riding is it that you want the Fat Bike for?

Trails and/or hills
Beach, sand dunes and/or touring?

If you want both you will either need to compromise or buy 2 different Fat Bike, because like normal mtb's there isn't one to do everything.

So, I'm guessing that most of you will be focussed towards the "Trails and/or hills" type of riding and even this has 3 categories of Fat Bike
I would go for a normal or a smaller sized frame that you are used to, I would recommend
1) Rigid on a budget fun with an On One Fatty - http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CBOOFATX...fatty-fat-bike
Which is under a grand (cycle to work), carbon forks with a slacker (than touring) head angle and 2 x 10

2) Hard tail also from On One, The Fatty Trail - http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CBOOFATT...m-x01-fat-bike
a cheaper option is available but I would go for this one with it's Bluto 120mm fork and 1 x 11 drive train

3) Full Suss Fat Bike - the Salsa Bucksaw would be my go to bike http://salsacycles.com/bikes/bucksaw

Those looking for beach and touring then a classic double triangle framed fat bike is the one to go for.
I like a slightly larger frame for this sort of riding. (My On One Fatty was a small & My current Bat Fastard is a large)

For beach and sand dune single track you do need to be looking for a wider and flatter tyre to help with the "floatation" when the going gets soft with a steeper head angle for tight turns in the dunes.
I think than my 4.8" tyre on 100mm wide rims Travers Bat Fastard with it's Lauf Carbonara 60mm of travel forks is the best bike available for this kind of riding

Mainly because the forks "absorb the ride" taking the sting out of the trails that you do get with a rigid fork (even at low pressure) but there is nowhere for sand to scratch or get in and damage the moving parts of suspension forks like the Bluto.

If you want an off the shelf 4.8" Fat Bike then the only option is the steel Surly Moonlander http://surlybikes.com/bikes/moonlander

One thing to remember for beach riding - ALWAYS USE DRY CHAIN LUBE

As for a touring Fat Bike the classic double triangle frame bike would be best and the frame is perfect shape for fitting frame bags into rather than carrying your gear on your back.