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  • Another Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Neil, I'm 32ish (soon to be 33). I live in the "upper" Billinge area. And I am desperate to get out and about when I can. I've got two young kids who's bed time is around 7.30 and try to fit my riding around them. I've got a trail bike and have been doing mostly reds, although have ventured into blacks when with more experienced riders and even did a day at Innerlithen (though those trails were way out of my comfort zone).

    I hope I can join you guys and get out with you regularly, I want to improve my skills (and fitness) and just do more riding. I desperately want to be able to jump well too!


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    Welcome to the club Neil. We do skyrides in the Billinge area on a Tuesday. Usually meet at the Waterside at 7. Then do 10 to 15 miles. Obviously you would need good headlights for bike and helmet! We also do a ride on a Thursday same time but from Rainhill. What nights suit you during the week?


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      Morning WJ, either day works for me.

      Would just need to confirm I'm ok to come with the wife, as she'll need to do bed time with the kids. I'll try for today. And can confirm I have good lights and a helmet.

      By waterside, do you mean the carvery down by the damn?


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        Yes mate, that's right. I will post a ride up for tonight as there is not currently one on but I can meet you there. Am riding up from Warrington.


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          Hi neil there is a ride every tuesday from carmill dam sometimes depending who is out doesn't always get posted but the regualar tuesday skyriders are there .
          we do different routes from there but 9 times out of 10 we head upto billinge if you can't meet at the start we could meet by eagle and child at billinge if you post up .
          regards into rides past 18 months not been much happening due to the circumstances but should be one posted up soon .
          hopefully see you later


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            Cheers fellas. I've been green lit by the wife. Happy to meet up at the eagle and child. If you're leaving the dam at 7, say 7.15 by the pub? I'll (try to) private message you both my contact details.


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              Will text you my number Neil.


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                Neil is now a paid up joined up member, welcome to the club.
                If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.


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                  Welcome NeilC - there is a club event / mates race on Sunday in St Helens if you're interested.

                  details here:


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                    Cheers Peter, it’s my daughters 2nd birthday on Sunday so I won’t be able to attend This time


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                      Originally posted by NeilC View Post
                      Cheers Peter, it’s my daughters 2nd birthday on Sunday so I won’t be able to attend This time
                      How inconsiderate of her to schedule her birthday to clash with riding

                      Welcome to the club and hope to catch you on another ride soon.