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    I used to be member but left about seven years ago, as I relocated with work, bought a motorbike, had a young family and it just became difficult to fit everything in. I've moved back to the NW (ish) and am thinking about starting back up again.

    I'm just in the process of selling my SS cruiser bike and then I'll be spending the proceeds on an On One Vandal or maybe a Cotic Solaris Max. (Any thoughts?)

    There's plenty of names I don't recognise, but there's still a few I do.


    Steve (busyfool)

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    Hi Steve, welcome back pal. Things are a bit quiet at the moment but will start picking up again as we come out of the Pandemic. The Cotic will be a good choice but stock levels for bikes are crazy at the moment, so keep your eyes out for what is available.
    If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.