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    Hi everyone , my name is Kris Green born and bred in Wigan .Work in private healthcare ( physio)
    Enjoy the social side of riding . Really enjoy train / enduro type rides ,but also happy just pedaling down the canal having a chat .
    Stated riding "seriously" in February 21 . Bought a Giant Talon H/tail soon found that it was great for the canal rides etc but once it hit trails being an XL ( was whacking me up the a##e) So I took the plunge and got a Nukeproof mega 29er .. so looking forward to improving my skills and meeting new friends ..Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction ... regards Kris

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    My first mountain bike was a Giant Talon too funily enough and it's laughable now how useless it actually was.
    I paid 450 for it new frm Giant and I couldn't believe it possible that you'd never need to spend any more....

    Keep any eye out for open rides posted up either on here or on our facebook page. Something around Rivi would probably suit given your location.



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      Welcome Kris, things are slowly getting back to normal following the Covid situation so expect intro rides etc to start up again in the not too distant future.
      If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.


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        Welcome Kris, good bike choice

        I'm Wigan based too, ride local quite often, including Rivi and bigger rides further afield. Happy to link up if you want to join us sometime.

        Usually do a midweek evening ride and a weekend morning ride most weeks

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