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    Hi guys, Mal here. Originally from Liverpool, but living over in Whiston now. Originally got a bike during lockdown 1 as a way of keeping fit as I usually enjoy the gym and study Krav Maga, combat system. During the summer the Krav guys would all come out around the local area, but since the winter, they have all cried off. I’ve stuck at it and managed in December to get myself a Whyte 905, which I’m loving. I’m a sponge at the moment and open to learning and trying everything, although jumps terrify me. I’ve been around Bold, Pex hill and over to Bickerstaffe a few times, enjoying the little trail there and just learning as much as possible. Would love to meet up and possibly become a member.

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    Sounds good. Plenty to go at in those places you've ridden and more being added all the time.

    Keep an eye out for club rides starting again once restrictions ease. Until then keep yourself fit.


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      Thanks Petern, it’s a bit of a grind with the mud at the moment, went over to The Dream today... anything off the main Paths are looking good, giving me loads of practice on keeping balanced and moving around the bike... been practicing Manuals as well over the past couple of weeks. Will keep an eye, looks like Easter could be some easing.


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        Forgot to add, I’m 46


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          Welcome Mal. Keep riding around the Dream and Bold and you'll soon bump into other members out doing the same.

          Like Peter says, once we get the go ahead to go back to Rule of 6 or some other bollocks, we'll be running rides weekly again