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    Hi great to be here. My name is Gary (Gaz) I'm 48 , I only started riding about 18 months ago on and off, apart from when I was a kid. But I only started MTB 6 months ago, I live in St Helens and would like to find someone to ride with. I only ever go for a potter around St Helens/ Warrington areas really.. I'd love to start getting out there and trying some more fun rides. But I know with the covid situation it's not going to be easy.
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    Hi Gary, all a bit difficult at the moment, but keep getting out locally to build up fitness for when life returns to normality. No real club rides or intro rides for a good while presently during lockdown.
    If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.


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      Hi Gaz.

      As above club rides aren't possible at the moment and have been thin on the ground while restrictions have come and gone over the last 12 months.

      If i can stress anything until they come back it would be to really work on your fitness. Even the most basic local rides have a pace that often finds new members wanting.

      Get out as often as you can and try to up the pace of your riding. If you can throw some technical practice in too then all the better. There is plenty to go at Dream, Clock Face and Bold / Colliers Moss in particular if you go looking.


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        Thanks for the info guys. I totally understand about club rides. I do try to get out as often as I can even if it's just for a hour or so. Fingers crossed life will get back to normal or as close to it soon..


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          i usually go for a local ride alone on Sunday morning, or with Si Dog as we are both in Newton near sankey valley ....could always tag along

          what sort of terrain are you riding?, is it mainly canal paths or do you ride in the woods etc
          I used to be faster......


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            Hi Gaz,
            I'm based in St.helens (Sutton Leach/Clock Face) and ride Billinge, Orrell, Bold Colliery, Dream, Sankey Valley etc. Let me know if you wanna meet up for a ride anytime.


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              Welcome Gaz.

              It's all fooked at the moment but once we're allowed to ride in groups again we'll be on it like tramps on a kebab!

              We do a regular Tuesday night ride from the Waterside, Carr Mill. It's stood down right now but it won't be forever.

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                Hey guys thanks for the replies. Thanks for the invite Frodo, I'll prob take you up on that.. I live in Ashtons Green, just 2 mins from Sanky Valley and Colliers Moss. Screwloose I have mainly been riding canal paths but I'm up for wood riding or a little downhill. Never tried jumping.
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