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    Hi I was told about this club by someone in a conversation about bikes and thought I would check it out. I live in moss Bank and have a mountain bike that doesn't see much use but would like to get involved in some rides / activities to get a bit fitter and also meet new people / socialise. I don't drink or smoke and am looking for new hobbies and interests, look forward to seeing what is around as I'm fairly new to the area. Also have a fiance and 2 kids and would be interested in activities for everyone. Thanks James

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    Hi James. Welcome.

    Try and get yourself on a Tuesday night 'Skyride' starting from the Waterside pub which is very close to you.

    It goes up to Billinge lump and back with a few seasonal variations and lasts ~2 hours.

    Will give you a good idea of the fitness levels required and whether your bike is up to the task.

    Keep an eye on the 'rides open to non members' section to make sure its happening on a particular week. Rides starts at ~7pm so at the moment you might not need lights but we're heading towards the time when you will.


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      Thanks so much for the information Petern, I'm on nights this week so will be looking to maybe start next week. Is this ride on weekly?


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        Sorry just realised what you said about to keep an eye out on the rides section. I will look out for it, thanks again James


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          No problem. It runs most weeks. Sometimes only a couple of people out. Sometimes loads. Depends on the week.

          It's been thin on the ground recently due to Covid but returning to normal recently.