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    Hi all, I posted on the Facebook page but was directed over to the forum!

    I'm Andy, 27 and I live In Clock Face. Been riding properly since I was about 15. Spent the last 10 years mainly riding DH but always had a trail bike. Recently bought my first enduro bike to start doing it all.

    I try to ride as much as I can, local and further afield, I also enjoy the odd night ride aswell.

    Hope to ride with the group when I can but don't be expecting me to pedal every climb! 😂
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    Plenty of local trails to you at Dream, Clock Face and Bold Collieries if you know where to look / have time to explore a bit.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      Bold is normally my go to local spot, I enjoy the trail that's been built around the outside of it. Dreams also good for climbs with it being so close, hopefully get on a local ride over there.


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        Yup it's a good workout that one. It's just had another 300m of trail added to the South end and there's about another 200m in progress at the North end.

        Looks like you've also found the steeper trails over by the railway which are a bit more technical. Probably something new over there at some point later this year too.


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          Ah brilliant, I built some stuff over there as a kid but nothing since. Yeah the technical bit is part of my loop saves a boring ride everytime


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            Welcome Andy.

            Tuesday night's from Carr Mill are a weekly night ride for us. They've paused just recently with injuries and xmas but I'm sure we'll be out next week.

            Just 12 miles / 1000ft of climb and a mess about in the woods usually.

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              Andy199 is now a paid up member, welcome to the fold pal.
              If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.