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  • Hi peeps

    Currently sat staring out of the window(watching a pigeon) wondering what to write. I won't go into details to much and bore the balls off you all. Been into mountain bikes for well over 20 years now,enduro mainly and plenty of trail rides all over the world. I do most of my own maintenance.(but currently struggling with a reverb).i recently decided to leave the energy saving mission I was on. That being sat on my arse and letting PTSD get the better of me. I love riding for the fitness benefits and the fact of just being on my bike. I'm out more or less every day at some point. I'm looking forward to getting back on the technicals and not riding so much alone.

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    Welcome. Try and get yourself on one of the evening rides to meet a few people and get started.

    You don't mention where you are based. Most starter rides based around the St Helens area and once you're in the club you can join rides taking place in Wales / Peaks etc

    Hope to see you out.



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      Welcome Winder, hope to see you on the trails some time.

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