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Fresh spawn from Cheshire Ellesmere Port.

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  • Fresh spawn from Cheshire Ellesmere Port.

    Hi All,

    Myself (29) and a buddy (19) have recently got back into mountain biking. We purchased ourself spanky new Norco bikes FS1 for me and FS3 for the bud and are currently super excited to get out there and experience some good trailers, experiences, people and some fun.

    I'm not the fittest person in the world, but do the gym (mainly strength) and have done things in the past like Paintballing, Airsoft, Dirt Biking, Jet Skiing etc so very familiar to some good extreme sports fun.

    My passion for this lays in the comradery with like-minded people so am very much looking to get into a group with similar interests and who do regular activities. I used to travel around the UK playing paintball going to major events and would love to do the same with MTB.

    I'm a gamer by nature and to fund my obsessions I'm a consultant in the IT industry mainly software (mainly big software, anything to do with websites/servers/hosting/social etc..)

    I also have a beautiful Pomski who will be coming with me when I get more comfortable with the bike and locations so if you ever meet her she is called Elsa.

    I and my friend are going to be hitting Delemere tomorrow (fri) and weekend (sat-sun) as it's only 30 minutes away to get used to our bikes and get back into riding some trails etc.. So should be some really good fun and looking forward to it. Maybe i'll see some of you out there .

    Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome, get yourself and your pal signed up for one of the rides open to non members when you feel up to it and see how things go.

    In the meantime enjoy the new bikes.

    Members with IT skills are a welcome addition to the club as it helps us luddites deal with any IT issues we have!

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    If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.


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