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    Afternoon all. My names Joe and I'm new to the site/gang lol. Been riding local routes and trails around Liverpool. I live in Halewood and I'm 49 with two kids who don't wanna ride! (playstations enough said). I ride a Haibike sduro hardseven 2.0 2018 which I'm customising. Bike is brilliant and helps with my dodgy left ankle(years of football). Been riding down Hale village and around the mersey front. Ride to Pier Head and back nothing exciting. Looking to get off road properly and try my skills out. Can still jump and do some tricks due to my childhood bmx days lol. I drive so getting out is no problem of an evening or most weekends. Look forward to meeting some of you in the future
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    Can I please be invited to the next local ride? As long as its after work or a weekend I'm fine. Cheers


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      Welcome. Keep an eye out for the Tuesday night "Skyride" which is usually posted on here on a Tuesday morning. Good intro route to meet a few people.


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        Welcome skyride posted up for tonight