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    Hi all. Iím Hayley and I live in Salford and work at Salford Uni, though Iím originally from the Wirral. Iíve done more road than off road but the tarmac bores me to tears now so my MTB is now getting the love it deserves! Not much off-roaring round Salford so I tend to head up to Gisburn Forest of to OnePlanet to ride the trails. Still a bit nervous so tend to stick to the blue trails but venturing more on the red when Iím feeling brave. Want to get out on some proper off road trails and single tracks but not sure where to go hence joining up here. Was looking for the newbie rides but the link doesnít seem to be working???

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    Hi Hayley, welcome to the club. There are rides open to non-members that you can jump on.


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      Hi Haley, there have been a few changes to the intro rides process.

      Basically we weren't getting enough interest / too many no shows leading to members wasting their riding time running these days.

      Now you're welcome to join us on a Tuesday or Thursday night for a ride and see how you like it.

      If you fancy that and can get some lights let us know and someone will message you the details.

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