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  • Hello new to the forum

    Hi guys
    I'm new to the forum and club.
    used to do a fair bit of biking with my lad but he's now driving and found girls so no longer wants to bother
    living at the foot of Lee quarry I tend to do most of my riding around there and have done the mtl
    but it's a bit boring in your own all the time so I thought I'd look at a club to do some riding improve my fitness and see some new scenery.
    Riding my old trusted hardtail I've owned about 10 years but it keeps going so I do t see a need to change as yet
    Regards Barrie

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    Welcome Baz, looks like your in the same situation as most of us (our kids no longer want us coz were embarrassing ) but at least you got a mountain bike that will always love you. Sound like your in a good location for riding and will have no issues with the intro ride.

    Hopefully see you out on a ride in the new year
    The older I get, the faster I was.........


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      Welcome dude

      youll find everything from small local evening loops to events and adventures here so summit to suit all.
      I used to be faster......


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        Thanks guys looking forward to getting out and finding some new routes.


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          Does anyone know when and where the next introductory ride is to be held
          Thanks regards Barrie


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            Welcome Baz!

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              Welcome Baz. I'm also waiting for the next intro ride to be announced so I can get membership.....


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                Welcome baz,lived over that neck of the woods about 9 year ago ,cracking spot to ride .moved to north Cumbria now so hills have got a tad bigger .

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                I dont get flashbacks i'm still there


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                  Welcome Baz!