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  • Hello

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Peter and I live in Rainhill. I have been cycling on and off for a few years now and just got back from a 32 mile ride.

    I am looking forward to joining the club and finding some new routes and meeting fellow cyclists.

    Anybody know when the next newbie ride is?

    Thank you..


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    Welcome. Not sure when the next intro ride is but sure it’ll be posted soon “good”
    The older I get, the faster I was.........


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        Hi Peter (@BatDad), welcome to the forum.

        I imagine that an intro ride will be arranged pretty soon as there are a couple of prospective members asking. as you may note in other posts, demand and attendance at intro rides has become an issue for the ride leaders; they willingly give a up a days riding but then when all or most of the prospective members bail, they end up running the ride for one or two and feeling a bit miffed that they could have had a proper big day out like the Lakes or Peaks.
        [MENTION=3118]mikep[/MENTION] is in charge of all things intro, I'm sure he'll post something up soon.

        Also, as you're local in Rainhill, you might like to join us on Tuesday nights, 7pm from the waterside:

        This ride runs pretty much every week and right now for a short period you won't need lights. Its informal, come meet some folk, have a ride, have a pint

        Being "Vouched for" is another way into the club. Ride with us a few times and you can potentially skip the newbie ride if your fitness and ability is considered good enough to get stuck into club rides straight away. I joined by this route myself 5 years ago.
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          Hello Disco_Stu.

          Thanks for the welcome and the invite to ride. What can I expect later? How long is the ride, muddy etc. Just so I can be prepared.

          Thank you..



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            Hi peter welcome to the club gonna post up intro ride later