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  • Kev

    Hi I'm Kev 44 from Merseyside I'm a complete novice I went camping last year in Forest of Dean with my son took bikes it was great fun done nothing since I'm very unfit and would love to get fit get and out in the countryside. I don't own a mountain bike yet and I'm not sure where to start I come across the woollybacks on line and here I am.

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    Hi and welcome Kev, we’ve all got to start somewhere you’ll not regret it

    I’d be looking for a decent hardtail as a starter bike, it’ll make u into a better rider, not sure on your budget but have a scout around eBay or single track if your looking for second hand or the on one 456 aren’t a bad bike for the money, there may even be members on here wanting to sell a bike too

    Happy hunting
    The older I get, the faster I was.........


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      Welcome Kev. Sound advice above.

      Get a reasonable hardtail, if new think about a budget of 600 ish for something you won't regret buying.

      Second hand you can be a bit more flexible, 400 might greet you something decent, you could even potentially build a frame up - all depends on your aptitude for that sort of stuff, budget and timescale.

      One thing is for sure though, a crap bike will soon spoil your experience.

      Fitness will come once you start getting out. Other forms of cardio will also help your engine but it's not the be all and end all, its just more fun when you can still breathe and talk while pedalling [emoji6]

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        Welcome, great advice already given, now you just need to do it.
        Have fun

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          Welcome Kev!