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Be Gentle-ish its my 1st time ... Marti0yes

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  • Be Gentle-ish its my 1st time ... Marti0yes

    Hi all,
    Just signed up & keen to get out there, put some miles in, meet new faces, get to know like minded North West MTB neighbours, get fitter & build my experience & skill with Off Road MTB's & more so have a proper laugh !

    I live over on the Canalised, at Clegg Hall, Smithy Bridge, Littleborough.
    Currently off the road due to a speeding ban so in that time I am applying the cycle to wherever & train approach.
    I work from home, running a Renewable Energy business & as such the ban doesn't cause too much grief.

    I'm a single guy, well travelled, lived all over the place, OZ, USA, Spain, Poland & have plenty to contribute by way of new ideas & opinions, but will do my utmost to keep them appropriate...

    As a back drop, I have lost 4 & 1/2 stone since 1st March this year all down to Huge Cardio & Protein focussed nutrition.
    I've not stopped yet, not by far as I have 2 Triathlons that I've committed to in December 2017 in Perth WA.
    I currently cycle 100 Miles / week plus.

    Unusual fact about me, I have danced Salsa on a Sky One documentary.
    I sponsored Luciano Pavarotti on a UK tour & Lancashire Cricket Team in 1996 when they won 2 one day competitions at Lords.

    Looking forward to meeting you over the next few weeks.

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    Welcome Martin, get your name down on the intro ride if you can get there

    Catch ya soon
    The older I get, the faster I was.........


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      Finally, someone in the club who can teach us salsa on those cold mountain summits!!!

      Welcome Martin


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        Hi Martin newbie myself, prob meet up with u soon.


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          Welcome Martin!


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            Welcome to the club pal
            My Newbie Ride, April '11


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              welcome Martin, Big kudos on the weight loss


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                Welcome Martin. By the time we hit the top of those hills we're all thinking about renewable energy [emoji6]

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                  What's the next Newbie ride after Friday 29th Sept as I'm away till then