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  • Hiya all

    Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone and introduce myself. Trail biking is something I've always had an interest in but never had the time/money :-(

    Just treated myself to a new hard tail and safety kit last week . Your club was recommended and I'd love to go on the newbie ride on 14th June. Was wondering if anyone could give any further advice? I've had a read through the equipment list and think I've got most things, but am a complete newbie :-)



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    Welcome best get onto the newbie ride and have a good look around the site as well post up any questions you have here there loads to help
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      Hi Andy, welcome to the forum!

      I'd say get out and ride a bit. Find some local trails - where are you? - and go and explore. Great weather for it at the moment. Might be wise to try a few rides before trying the newbie ride, get bit of experience on your new bike before trying to tackle a decent size ride like that. Rivi isn't too be underestimated in regards to fitness or riding skill.

      That said you might be just fine

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        Welcome mate, the club is great so you've come to the right place. Where have you been riding and have you been getting out much?
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          Welcome to the club Andy,

          Get your name on the newbie you may be okay
          if it's too hard/technical then plenty members come back for a 2nd crack at it

          at least you know then what to expect

          Enjoy the new hobby

          EDIT... or PM syk0 he runs a local (ish) ride to your area
          that will give you a taste plus you'll be in good hands there

          Stu may be right
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