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  • Hi, i'm new here

    Hi, thanks to your great site i've managed to track down a local mtb group near Liverpool

    I hope joining up will help me to get back into regularly riding off road. So, hello everyone, i'm new here and looking to hook up and see what you guys ride here.

    Reading the guides i hope i can tag along to the next newbe ride in June (if there is still space) and meet a few new riders.

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    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum. Have a good read through all the links from the home page, loads of good info in there


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      Welcome Mark :thumbup:

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        Welcome to the club Mark, get your name down for the June newbie ride before it fills up
        Sha...ting !!


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          Hello, MarkS

          Welcome to the club!!
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            Hello and welcome mark. As others have said take a look around site at all the info and get your name down on the newbie ride or join any of the NCRs (non club rides). Some great routes to be had

            See ya soon
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              Welcome Mark


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                Hi Mark, Welcome to the club.
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                  Hi, i'm new here

                  Hello! mark and welcome glad you found the site and are navigating through it ok. Apologies for the so called comedians in the club who think it's funny to post my welcome up using there name and not editing my name out! (#nothingbettertodo) Please take a look below there is a few things that might assist you In what your looking for and may explain a bit more about the club

                  Please look out for the next newbie ride as this is the best way into the club!
                  The newbie/introduction ride isn't as daunting as it sounds it just gives us a level of fitness and skill that you are at so you don't end up miles from nowhere with not being able to carry on.

                  Another way into the club is to invite yourself along to a NCR (non club ride) which are posted in the non members section of the forum and if somebody feels your skill and fitness is of a good level they can vouch for you!

                  Please take some time looking at the kit you require there is a small list here:-


                  These things will help if you have a breakdown or mechanical whilst out on a ride, the club members are usually great and will have some spares for the occasional thing that has been forgotten but it's great if you can be organised with your own spares .

                  The club is a great place to be with almost a ride a day with the various ncr's and club rides. We ride all over the north from the Lake District to the Peak District to north wales and various places in between.

                  Thanks for reading and hope your experience with the club is a long and exciting one if you have any problems or more questions please feel free to post up in the introduction section where members will be on hand to help or message me or one of the other committee members.

                  Hope to see you on the trails soon Andy (andy-cas)
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                    wow, thanks guys i didnt expect so many responses. Nice to see you are an active bunch online and offline.
                    Will post over on some rides ASAP
                    See you soon.