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Physio here - but off duty on rides :)

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  • Physio here - but off duty on rides :)

    Hi guys, Jim put me on to the wooleybacks. I have a sports injury clinic in Oldham ( so can sort out any injuries anyone has just one thing though... when I'm on a ride, I'm OFF WORK so keep your pains to yourselves haha.

    I enjoy mtb and fairly young fit and an adrenalin junkie. I have a Cannondale SR2 hard tail, experience wise I have no idea how it compares to what your rides are like. I have done a 3 day ride mainly pennine bridleway, with part of Mary townlie loop, scooted around cragg quarry at the end of the final day as we passed. Planning to nip over to Lee quarry in next week or two so will see how I find that. Probably lacking some fitness for hardcore 8hr rides at the min but shouldn't take me long to get back into.

    Look forward to hitching on a ride soon!

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    Welcome to the club Rick. If you can stay in the saddle for 8 hr rides, you'll have no problem with the fitness; assuming of course it doesn't take you that long to ride around Llandegla

    I'm doing MTL on Sunday. If you reckon you can get around in circa 7 hr (ish) pace, your welcome to join me. I've posted the ride up in the Members Only part of the forum and others may be interested but many struggle to get the full day away from the better half.
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      Sorry Paul didn't pick up your reply till this morning. Already had a busy weekend planned anyway, but thanks for the offer to join u. I'm on a course next weekend, but should be ok for sun 1st June if anyone is out


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        Hi rick, welcome to the club at last uve signed on

        Now ur on the forum u need to get urself on one of the newbie rides to get an idea of club rides and time out on the bike. There is 2 newbie rides cumin up over the next couple of weeks, one on the 31st of this month which I'm helping out on and crooksys doin another in middle of June so stop working all the time and get urself on one of them.

        Btw can't I ask about my injuries????
        Eat, sleep, ride, repeat


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          Welcome Rick, it's a great club and I'm sure you'll be glad you signed up.

          As Jim says, take a look around the bits of the forum you can see (there's lots more for full members), you'll find all the info you need on how to join up, newbie rides, members own rides (NCRs) and lots of other stuff.

          If you have any questions, just post em up and someone will do their best to answer.

          See you on the trails

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            Cheers guys. Your right jim I need to work less and have more fun on the bike. I have a new lad starting in 2 weeks so that should ease my diary a bit. Unfortunately guna be working on the 31st, but can try and make the mid June one if you know what date it is?

            Injuries... fire away and feel free to ask if anyone needs any advice