An absolutely spooktastic hell raiser of a ride today, riders out were: Chunk, Chris Watson, Pete Tong, Red Rooster, Tyre, Tracey, Andy Cas, Pieeater, Dan 25, Knotty, Noddy, Roger, Daveyboy, and myself.

After an amazing rocky downhill, it looked like a hellish start with losing one rider early on and then a ride ending stack off some roots and into a tree for Tyre (possible SOTY!) the omens looked bad!

However once we got going all the demons were banished, and a spookily good time was had by all.

This route really has it all, fantastic downhills, awesome views and tricky techie climbing.

After a lunch stop in Chunks living room, a wood carved sofa, tv, lamp and window view, we got rolling again. Conditions were surprisingly mild and dry, although the trails were very wet as Andy Cas aka "swampy" also found out.

The route had so many standout sections that they are difficult to recall and as I type this now it just seems like a blur of ace downhilling. Another stack for Red Rooster saw him lose his helmet peak and get a Hitler blood tache!

With less than an hour to go the rain set in, but it didn't dampen any spirits.

The ride really was for me a club classic, and i'd say one of, if not the best this year.

Cheers to Chunk for an ace lead, and to all who were out who made it an ace day. 22 miles in total but I recon about 7 ace downhills. Body feels battered now!!