Knotty turned up and it didnt rain so its deffo sidge that brings the bad weather to this ride. Small flock tonight of Chunk, Hendy, Noddy, Piemuncher, syko, carlos, watson and knotty.
Very cold at the start but soon warmed up through the woods at Abbey Village.... then the climbing started.... and finished at Darwen (jubilee) Tower. Conditions were good until the single track turned off across the moor and it turned to soup. Fast downhill, across the track and back to the road. Decided to do the path just inside the wall but with all the leaves falling it was hard to tell where the path was.. and.. I might have got a little lost at one point as couldnt tell what was path and what was bog

Back on witton and after climb the hardtail shattering rocky downhill caused a gash in hendys tubeless, lots of milk now at the bottom. Made way back to the pub and it is apparent that the rainy season is upon us, lots of sticky deep mud patches.

Quick pint in the Hare and Hounds with the local talent - pub lives up to half its name

Think next time there is a Tower ride and conditions are bad we might start at the same start point and head over to White Coppice woods and the goiut - or add it as an additional ride? Taken a few people over recently and it is a good route.

Cheers lads!