The 12 riders were: Roger, Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Geoff, Rambo, Chunk, Sidge, Paddler, Muddy Rider, Jonny P, Silverscoob and Myself.
The route started rather ominously as we seemed to be driving towards the cloud and rainy skies however the worry proved unfounded as excellent conditions ensued. The ride started from the lovely village of Pateley Bridge, after a bit of faff and much prodding and poking and lifting! Of Tyre’s new super bike off we set.

In typical Woolly ride fashion we started on a stiff uphill road climb that got the lungs and legs well worked up, as the road became a track we plodded on through awesome scenery. Tracie suffered the first mechanical of the day with a broken chain, the group then rolled on to a disused quarry for some steep slopes and tricky sections. After a quick play and some photos off we went.
The next few sections continued through lovely gently rolling countryside after a sharp downhill we had our first “incident” of the day. Sidge was coming around a corner sharpish to be confronted by a gaggle of walkers right across the road, with no where to go and mossy coating on the road, a skid and a ditch had him down the embankment narrowly missing the walkers, Paddler came off too, and subsequently a heated debate had everyone debating the merits of bikers and speed. The old man in the group was not a happy bunny and proceeded to lambaste all around.
Luckily no one was hurt although Ed was a little the worse for wear. So on we went.
A brief energy bar and cake stop in a lovely village for all to recover and then we were off rolling again. A brutal climb followed some rolling farmland where a Church high up on the hillside was remarked with “see the Church, that’s the start of the climb” great. A long tiring road climb up the church where the road then merged into a tricky rocky bridleway punished legs as the further on and higher we climbed the tougher it got. All made it and had a well deserved lunch stop at the top.
Onwards for some more rolling countryside trails took us down to a spectacular dam and then up and over the next hillside. The ride continued along the top a beautiful ridgeline with spectacular views of the valley below. Tired weary legs continued and rocky downhills saw Paddlers first run ins with the puncture fairies and he flatted again and again and again!
After a final puncture faff, Hemlock discovered his previously faultless and sealant less tubeless system had flatted and a great comedy ensued, much piss taking, an Aldi pump etc, etc. Lastly Al decided to tighten up his linkage bolts promptly snapping one off, oops! That concluded mechanicals half hour and we were rolling again. The gentle ride back was described as undulating upwards (ie a hill) and weary legs carried us back to car park, truly spent.
A couple having a picnic in the car park! Promptly discovered they had picked the wrong spot as we rocked up with muddy bikes and muddy kit, and Tracie got busy with the dirtworker. Paddler was chased home by the puncture fairies clipping a kerb and flatting his car tyre too! Who’d have thought it?
All in a great route with 27 hard miles and 1000 metres of height gain. Another great route and day with the club.
Artillery Dave.