Fifteen Woollybacks met up at Castleton car park – Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Eric, Santacruz, Rooster, Hendy, Hemlock, WN6ER, CHUNK, Bazza, Johnny P, Sidge , Turnerkid , Pieman and me. Talk of the Alps lot taking it easy was left in the car park.
Ride off (9.30) was a little later than expected due to gimp suits , new tops and other body armour that had to be adorned.

Steep road up to Little Mam Tor to start and quickly the flock of woollies was separated – then onto Rushup Edge – very boggy at the top and it was the case of pick your own line don’t follow me! Great descent at Rushup and the first OTB (Rooster was glad nobody saw him and that he had put his new armour on for this ride).
Ride down past Tom Moor Plantation and a couple of river crossings – we re-grouped and then climbed up to the side of Roych Clough – At the summit we waited and waited – no Hemlock ? Major mechanical – rear wheel seized up and this was fresh from Thattos! Woollies tended to this problem for the next hour but no luck, no movement and Geoff was sent packing to nearest pub with Cotic in hand. Where is Art Dave when you need him?
Very fast decent to the side of Mount Famine culminated in a switch back at the bottom (Johnny P decided to ignore the trail – series of bunny hops and wheelies were his staple diet for most of this ride!)
Then onto the long climb up Coldwell Clough and Oaken Clough – This is a real energy sapping climb – Stancruz was up there first closely followed by Hendy, Eric , CHUNK , JohnnyP and me. The rest were not far behind. The flock regrouped – Bananas, gels and energy bars were digested before the LADDER.
Major OTB by me within the first 20 metre section of Jacobs Ladder – seen by Rooster , heard by Tracey and Pieman. Bike was ok (they make em tough in Taiwan) wrist badly bruised. It was a combination of wrong line , fatigue and a general lack of skill. Back on the Stumpy and we all managed to get to the bottom safely – then Pieman hit the gate at the river crossing.
The Woollies sauntered down to Upper Booth with JohnnyP doing his tigger impression – 30 mile an hour wheelies. WN6ER tried to imitate this but ate tarmac instead.
As we embarked on the road climb up to Mam Tor the sun decided to make an appearance – The field was well and truly split this time. Hendy then Santa Cruz, Pieman , me , Chunk and Eric – Rooster brought up the rear – totally gasketless and no water left.
Final off road climb round Mam Tor and descent to Hollowford Rd saw the more brave (or stupid) attempt a tight and technical section and then into Castleton.
18 tough tough miles and a true classic MTB ride , 2 OTBs , 2 other stacks , one major mechanical and many tired legs.