When riding with club or out and about on your bike it is important to carry some basic equipment to cover mechanical emergencies and changes in the weather. So to aid members new and old this guide has been pulled together, it covers information we have had on the club rules list for years and is fleshed out with some newer info as well. As always the list is not exhaustive and you may add to it as you see fit. The list will include a brief description of items needed and will be broken down into essentials and then additional items, all of these items are readily available from any decent bike store (Thattos) for example. Also you can ask for advice or look for member recommended products in the kit review section of the website.


  1. Helmet: for obvious reasons, no helmet no ride with the club, no matter how thick your skull is!

  2. Waterproof Jacket: conditions change quickly even during summer so a light waterproof is a year round nescessity.

  3. Hydration: be that bottles on you frame, or as most now use some form of Camelbak, a decent amount of fluid is needed on all rides.

  4. Food: whatever your poison, clif bars, mars bars, nuts, pies etc

  5. Spare Inner Tubes (x2): whether tubeless or not, tubes need to be carried as we can all have flats at any time. Also if you borrow a tube of another member it is the done thing to get them a new one back

  6. Pump: pick a decent one, and make sure it is set up for your valve type, more importantly get a decent sized one that actually shifts air, not a 58g wonder that takes 5000 strokes to get the tyre to 10psi

  7. Tyre Levers: metal or plastic, get a couple especially if you have tubeless tyres, unless you have thumbs like popeye.

  8. Chain Tool (power links highly recommended): a decent chain breaker and some Sram powerlinks are a godsend if you snap your chain, make sure you get the right speed, 8, 9, or 10 as they are not cross compatible, and also Sram links work on Shimano chains.

  9. Multitool: again get a decent one, and make sure it has the necessary bits to fit your bike.

  10. Emergency Contact Details: saved in your charged mobile phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency)

  11. First aid kit: some basic items for bleeding, bandages, tape etc

  12. Spare Mech hanger: This is an essential bit of kit and is specific to your frame, it is the bit of the bike that the rear mech hangs from and if damaged or bent can put an end to your ride unless you have a spare, they are easily swapped over in the field.

  13. Spare brake pads: grit and dirt can eat pads in no time so always have some spares, most members use sintered (metal based) pads as they last a lot longer, Superstars and the like are a good source of cheap reliable brake pads

Additional / desirable items

The following items may be required depending upon the route and conditions and are useful and carried and used by most members. You don't need them straight away, but over time it will be worth picking them up.

  • Gloves: for comfort whilst riding and also for protection if (when!) you have a tumble, most members choose full fingered gloves year round.

  • Eye Protection: no one enjoys grit / mud / flies in the eyes, some quality riding glasses can make a big difference.

  • Knee and Shin Pads + Elbow Pads: given the demanding nature of some of the terrain we ride on, a bit of body armour can make the difference between laughing off a stack, or winning the coveted SOTY trophy (Stack of the Year, prize given to the worst crash injury on a club ride)

  • Whistle: for emergency signalling

  • Compass + Map / GPS: and the ability to use it, the ride leader and other responsible club members will always know the route, but a back up map can be handy to have, many members now carry GPS devices as a training aid and also to be able to store and share route information on the website.

  • Mobile Phone: fully charged, useful for emergencies and capturing SOTY pictures!

  • Duck Tape: single handedly responsible for more get you home botches than you could possibly think of, from broken frames, split tyres, and major bleeding duck tape has proved its worth time and time again, a top club tip is to wrap the outer shaft of your pump in several layers of stuff so you always have it in an emergency.

  • Zip ties / cable ties: nearly as useful as duck tape, for all manner of trailside get me home bodges.

  • Emergency or Thermal Blanket: for keeping a casualty warm in event of an accident. remember that casualty could be you.

The list could go on and on, but was put together as a basic guide for newer members, coming into a club it is difficult to know what you need and why. Other more experienced members will always be there to help and assist, but it is vital that we all carry equipment to look after ourselves too.