The St Helens Woollyback M.B.C was originally setup around January 1991. It was first started by a girl called Nicola Howarth and we only had a handfull of members. By 1992 we had grown to 25 members and 1994 being our best year with 46 members.
We are based in St Helens although the membership comes from surrounding areas also, even as far as Cumbria. The usual membership consists of usually between 20-30 members each year with a wide age range and ability levels throughout.
The Woollybacks were made ‘famous’ in January 2004 when we appeared in MBR magazine who followed us on one of our unique routes.
The club is also affiliated to the CTC*and enables members of the club to take out 3rd party insurance at a discounted rate.

The regular Woollyback rides are once every Thursday evening and once every other Sunday, however other rides are thrown in and can be found on the Woollies forum.
Thursday rides are usually local to the area whereas Sunday rides will take in the Lakes, Peaks, Pennines, West Yorkshire, Wales, a weekend away in Scotland and a Merida marathon event.
Rides are listed in advance so we know when and where we are riding and each ride has a leader who knows the route so you can follow and enjoy more of the day.

UPDATE (Oct 2010)

So far this year the club has grown considerably, we currently have a membership level of 120+ and its still growing. Currently the club is enjoying more varied events, rides and holidays. Usually there is at least 1 group a year going to the Alps, countless weekends away being organised by members throughout the year and a success in Non Club Rides (NCR) which members are posting up and leading so most days of the week there are rides available.

Update (Jan 2020)

We've moved to new forum software, and have a jazzy new look and promo video to boot.